Grumpy in California & Fashion Day 3

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I have been Grumy-Grump-Grumperson all day today; which is hilarious based on the post I did last night about counting my blessings. I'm trying today - I really am. 

It's just one of those days. When everything seems to be coming at you at once. And today it is financial which can stress me out. If I may rant for a moment - why do all the unexpected bills come at once??!!

I was feeling so out of sorts I was going to skip Spring Fashion day today. But, the Lord is working on me. Feeling down-and-out I put the baby in front of a DVD, sat my bum on the couch and opened up my Bible study. And, of course, it was on the rich young man (Luke 18:22-30) who was dishearten when Jesus asked him to sell his possessions and follow Him. God is so good; I love how He meets me where I am. Beth Moore paraphrased verses 24-30 best: "an eternal inheritance involves sacrifice here on earth, but whatever you lay down here for My sake, you will receive a hundred times as much in eternity." So there is no reason to allow a dip in the savings account to ruin my day. Someone much bigger is in control. 

Feeling refreshed I decided to embrace the overcast, windy day and break out one of my favorite winter hats. 

Off with the boring outfit:
And on with the new:

Hat: Anthro (gift from my awesome sister!)
Necklace: vintage, thrifted
Cardi: no-idea, thrifted
Tank: Mossimo
Jeans: Banana Republic
Shoes: Mossimo

I started out with the shirt tucked in but didn't really like it with the skinny belt (I couldn't find my fatter one). What do you think?


Rachael said...

I think the shirt looks fine either way but I vote for untucked as my own personal style. I love the before and after shots, how clever! I hope things start looking up financially but it sounds like you've got a good handle on it. God is good. He'll take care of you.

Linda Z said...

You do a great job putting together outfits from such a variety of sources!! :)

Hope you have a better day tomorrow! The one thing I learned about finances is that whether it's a lot or a little, God provided it. That helps me to be thankful and to trust! :)

Anonymous said...

better tucked in

Lindz said...

I've been inspired by you twice so far! Even your "not fun" outfit is fun!

Sarah said...

I think both the outfits you showed brighten the day up!

Emery Jo said...

So adorable! I like it tucked in because the belt is a great accent and it shows off the fit of those jeans more. Those jeans are PERFECT on you!!

Laura said...

i like both actually. i like the belt a lot!

Kalle said...

You look awesome! That sweater is gorgeous and I love the hat.

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