Friends Our Family

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

When all your family members are 350 miles or further away you rely on your friends.
In many ways our friends are our family.
Our other family. 

Landon and some of his friends.
Miss Avila and L chatting it up.

It's our friends who bring us binkies, food, and support when we're in the E.R.
Our friends babysit our boy so we can go dates.
They challenge us, encourage us, and love on us.

Trying to keep up with Noelle

Our weekends are filled with our friends.
They're our playmates.
Our helpers.
The people who give us a hand moving or painting a room (or more!). 

I am so thankful for the many special people in our lives.
You make this place home for us. 

And out of town friend. Mr. Connor all the way from Scotland!

Hanging out in Lex' swing waiting to meet him.

Today a friend helped me out so I could help another.
Thank you friend.
We love you; all. 


Dallas said...

Soooo... I may just be extra sappy, but this entry made me sob! Thank you so much, Anna, for your friendship to us and your love. You, RJ, and Landon are amazing, and we couldn't love you more!

Jessica G. said...

Connor was pretty excited to make it on to your blog! Just wanted to say, "friends as family" was how I was raised and I think it is kind of great to be able to pick your "family"!

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