The Zoo

Friday, January 29, 2010

At first Landon thought the zoo was about as entertaining as watching grass grow.

Not even the elephant could produce a smile.

We even paid for an extra special treat - feeding the giraffe - but nothing. Not even a hand wave. You would think the kid got to feed giraffes everyday. (At least we got our moneys worth since RJ enjoyed it.)

And then he met this guy:


And kisses from Oma are pretty special too!

And finally, me and my hubs. We stopped to take a pic in front of the Gibbons (a monkey species) since I realized that in the last nine months (aka - since Landon was born) we've taken a total of maybe 5 pictures together. Someone else keeps stealing the spotlight.

Santa Barbara Zoo Favorites
Anna: The Gibbons
Landon: The Gorilla
Oma: The Gorilla (she's just a sucker for anything Landon!)
RJ: The giant porcupine 


Linda Z said...

I remember that gorilla was something to behold! He kinda locks eyes with you! :) I love the giraffes!

Jess Roy said...

That zoo is pretty the picture of you and RJ - so beautiful! Love you guys.

Dallas said...

You gotta love gorillas!
Maybe that's why Landon always smiles at me... hmmm???

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