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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The other day I came across and interesting section of the "Mom" book I was reading. The author was discussing the need for stay-at-home-mom's to feel good both emotionally and physically. As most of us can attest spending all day in your sweatpants is nice every once in awhile but day-after-day of baggy fashion statements will put anyone into a funky mood. Too many days in in the drawstring pants and you start to feel unattractive and insecure. But dressing to the nines for a trip to Target and the neighborhood park is a) impractical and b) unrealistic - who has it in them to both style their hair AND pick out a clean, matching, stylish outfit?! 

So the author suggested figuring out what's that one "thing" that makes you feel put together and attractive. Is it doing your hair? Then don't feel guilt about the second-wear-in-a-row-yoga-pants and spend some type with the hair straightener. Or is it wearing lipstick? Grab a few sticks of your favorite shade and put them in throughout the car and house so you can always have a pretty pout. 

I know my friend Kelly can't go anywhere without her bangs looking good. She's comfortable slipping into comfy workout gear for a trip to the coffee house, or going sans makeup for a walk in the park, but she has to have her bangs done. Bangs are her thing. 

While I love having my hair blow and curled it is unrealistic for me to do everyday. Especially since a little man in my house hasn't get figured out that pulling hair is a NO. So after really thinking this over I realize that when I have a pedicure I feel pretty. I may be wearing my oldest jeans, a thrift store tee, pony-tailed hair, and no makeup, but when I slip my feet into sandals and see pretty painted toes I feel good about myself. A smile + colorful feet = ready to take on the world....or the grocery store. 

Having this guy on my hip makes  me feel good too! 

What's your thing? What makes you feel pretty or polished for the day? 


Anonymous said...

Nappy Surf hair... Just love to come out of the ocean nice and salty with sand-encrusted toes and get back to the thing called work and daily life. there is nothing better.
loves. the hubs.

Dallas said...

Great question, Anna...
You know, I'm not really sure what makes me feel self-assured and self-confident (it certainly isn't my hair).
Maybe it's when I've been in that creative zone and have that confidence in my talents and skills.
I also feel good after an afternoon at the Burke Williams Day Spa, but that's not a weekly (or even monthly) fiscal possibility.

But a physical attribute that makes me feel confident???... Honestly, I'm not sure there is one. Is that sad?

Jessica G. said...

What book are you reading Anna? I really liked this topic.

For me it would be showering and getting dressed. My hair may not get done, my clothes may not look great, but just showering seems to make me feel like I got up and took care of myself...of course I don't take one every day and am fine as long as I get one at least every other day!

Bethany said...

i think for me it is a little bit of make-up: mascara, blush, mineral powder. even if my hair is in a ponytail and i am wearing work-out clothes. good question. what book are you reading?

The Schmidts said...

eye makeup! At least mascara and light eyeshadow, but sometimes I go all out just for an errand run. I very rarely go a day without it, but I have been known to go four days without a shower and my hair in a braid or ponytail! -Rhiannon

Linda Z said...

Ok, was that really RJ's comment? So funny.

Make up for me I guess, even if I put a baseball cap up, I feel better with make up... especiall lipstick! :)

Chelsea K. said...

I kinda love how my hair feels when i've been in the ocean, so I'll back RJ on that one. I think if I have on my undereye concealer to cover my bags, then I can conquer the outside world. But Anna, colorful toenails are always an instant mood bringer upper for sure!

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