A WOW Moment

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I had a WOW moment yesterday.

RJ, Landon and I were out to dinner at a local (semi-good-for-you) burger joint. I had gotten a coupon for a free burger in the mail, and now that my professional job title(s) includes "household manager" we go to dinner where there are coupons. Anyway, RJ was grubbing on the free burger, I got steak salad, and we were splitting onion rings. Landon had eaten yellow mush at home before we left - lucky boy - so he was just chillin' in the hair chair playing with Mama's keys.

Well, the keys distracted him for a whopping .02 seconds and then he wanted some of what we had. In Landon's word adult stuff is WAY more fun than baby stuff. (I'm still waiting for someone to make millions by inventing "baby toys" that resemble glorified tupperware.) Looking at our plates I couldn't figure out what to feed the boy to keep him happy. RJ's semi-healthy (but not really) burger was a no-no, so were the onion rings, my steak was too difficult to chew, and I couldn't really image him being interested in the lettuce itself. 

I sat staring at my salad plate, tomatoes pushed to the side since neither RJ or I like raw tomatoes, wondering if I could feed the baby a crushed up crouton when it hit me:

Landon might like the tomato. 

Even though RJ and I hate them, he might like it.



It hit me like a ton of bricks: Landon is his own individual. I've know this in my head but I didn't really get it. We might help shape him and guide him, but he is going to have his very own likes and dislikes. He might hate the ocean (heaven forbid!) but love the snow (this could be a problem.) Maybe he'll be less talkative than his parents but he'll have a beautiful singing voice (it would be a miracle based on his genes.) We have yet to see, and I am so excited to find out. Who is this beautiful little person? What will he like and be and do? 

Already he's surprising me - he not only ate that slice of raw tomato, but he demanded a second!


Tracy said...

Isn't it amazing to ponder and wonder?! It really is a beautiful creation-these little babies that come all as their own.

Jessica G. said...

Ok, I love the title of "household manager". I may just have to steal that one from you! It is amazing to think that our little spawn may turn out completely different than us. But, I generally look at Connor every day in amazement anyway!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna, Great story. I love the pictures. Dad

Linda Z said...

That's such a cute realization! You just never know what's in the genes!

But those tomatoes... the kid has really good taste on that one! :)

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