Sunday, July 19, 2009

RJ and I have had to find a balance lately. Usually we're both on the same page when it comes to our free time, but now that Landon's here we find ourselves wanting different things. Since I'm home with the little guy all week I can't wait to get out during the weekends. I'm so excited to have RJ's company and I'm eager to spend time with friends. RJ on the other hand has been working all week and looks forward to spending the weekends at home - doing housework and having quiet family time. 

This weekend we found the perfect mix of both. Friday night we went to LA county to spend some time with our good friends Dallas and Meg. These two are so fun - every time we hang out I end up with flatter, stronger stomach thanks to all the laughing.  Plus, they love Landon, and nothing is more fun than spending time with people that oogle-and-aahgle at your kid. 

Saturday we said good-bye and headed home to plant sod in the front yard. It looks awesome! Pictures to come soon. And today was full of sunshine (it is unusually warm here today and I love it), yard work and Landon's first "pool" experience. Landon cooled off in the pool with his favorite girl Avila. He really enjoyed himself, although I am fairly certain he might have enjoyed he nakedness more than the actual pool water.
Avila and L enjoying the guitar music. 

Strong-Man! He can hold his head up now and sit in the Bumbo 


Jessica G. said...

That picture of Landon sitting in the bumbo, staring at the camera, is about the cutest picture ever! Glad you and the little fam had a good weekend!

Edwards Family said...

Love the pics!

Ryan and Camille said...

love the facial expressions! Looking forward to seeing you both...

Dallas said...

That pic with RJ playing the guitar to the little ones was so precious!

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