One-Armed Wonder

Thursday, July 23, 2009

There is a certain skill set know only to moms. The skills are necessary for day-to-day living and can only be learned on the job. Skills such as running a household on little/no sleep, sustaining oneself on soggy cereal, handfuls of trail mix, and cold coffee, showering in less than 5 minutes, and the ability to fold laundry while talking on the phone and cooking spaghetti sauce. 

I am proud to announce that I've just mastered one of the most difficult (and useful) skills of them all: one-armed living  - the ability to do any activity normally associated with two arms (and/or hands) with only one

  • Eating my lunch. While out to a nice Santa Barbara restaurant I can eat an entire sandwich (stuffed with slippery ingredients), a salad, and sip my iced-tea with lemon with only one hand (as my baby is in the other).
  • Driving the car. Sometimes Landon needs to suck on the fatty part of my right hand in order not to pass-out from extreme screaming, therefore, leaving me my left to steer the vehicle. 
  • Pushing a stroller or shopping cart. It is amazing how many shopping carts have terrible alignment. You don't really notice how bad it is until you have to maneuver one through a packed Trader Joes with your son in your left hand and only your right hand to push.  Much, much harder than it sounds. Also, there are days Landon just can't stand another minute in the stroller and his pathetic mom gives in to his cries to be held.
  • Typing an email. Sometimes you just really want to send a quick email, but Junior feels like sitting in your lap and since he isn't old enough to sit on his own you need to use one hand to hold him up.
Not only is this new skill incredibly useful but now I know how I'll answer if Holly's weekly question asks if I would rather lose a leg or an arm?!


Rebecca said...

So true and funny! It's never pathetic to respond to your babies cries, it's our job. Love is a perfectly valid need-I need a hug sometimes too!

Anonymous said...

You are the one-armed wonder super mom and I am proud of you. It will get easier when Landon can wrap his body around you like a little monkey. And your arms will be really buff cause he'll weigh about 25 lbs but feel like 50. Its all so good and he is too cute. love oma

Holls said...

diggin the shout out fo sho. the one arm wonder is quite a feat. i wondering how i'll do with 3, since my 2 always both want to be held.

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