Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Basically we just have lots of cute pics of the boy.

Landon had already decided that he doesn't like helping with the yard work....but he does enjoy the fruits of the labor. 

Oma came to visit again and he got held for an entire week; which he thought was heavenly.
Thank goodness for self-soothing!
Loves his snuggly. Loves eating it more than anything. (I'm not looking forward to crawling. Landon loves to put anything that comes near him into his mouth.)
Pretty much the cutest face ever!


Jess Roy said...

He is so cute! Those are some great pictures.

Jessica G. said...

Ok, I love the first picture of RJ and Landon. Too cute! He really is a cutie...and those eyes, I love his eyes!

Anonymous said...

Ok, this is oma speaking and honestly that is the cutest face ever. I think I have a picture of you, anna, where it shows the saltenberger side of the family in Landon. Esp. that last picture you posted of Landon. Really liked Landon and Avila's dance together.

Tracy said...

how he has grown! He is even more adorable with all of those sweet expressions. I'm glad to hear that motherhood is treating you well.

One day at at time... said...

Ok so I love your blog & your boy is ADORABLE!!!

chelseadehaven said...

Really though--he's adorable, anna!!!

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