What A Weekend

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Last weekend was totally crazy (my fault; I put way too much on my plate), but totally worth it.

First of all, of those of you who haven't heard the AMAZING news...I AM NO LONGER WORKING FRIDAYS! It is awesome; I couldn't be more excited about it. Having that extra day allows me to get housework done, finish up little projects. meet with girlfriends, and then have my weekends available for spending time with RJ (usually). It's only been two weeks but so far this little change has really been life-changing.

Ok, back to the craziness of last weekend.

Friday: I got up at 5:30AM so that I could leave the house by 6 and get to Bakersfield before elementary school started. I rolled into the Discovery School parking lot five minutes before the bell rang. Miss Fries (Kelly) collected me in the office, grave me a Visitor's Pass, and we were off. I spend the morning grading spelling tests, stapling art projects to the wall, preparing the classroom for Open House and teaching the students debate. We debated whether Disneyland or Magic Mountain was the better theme-part. It was a HOT topic. Tempers were flaring and hands were waving! I love it how kids practially fall on the ground in the anticipation of being called on. When they have something to say they really believe that jumping up and down and wiggling fiercely in their chairs increase their chances of being the chosen one to shout out the answer. They are so excited about their news you would think they just discovered the cure for cancer. It's great.

Friday Afternoon: Broke for lunch and meet Miss Skeehan (Sarah). Headed to Endeavour Elementary for some 5th grade Social Studies and Art. SS was boring (the kids though so too...the subject not the teacher) but Art was great. they made leprechauns. Each one was unique and really showed their personalities. One girl made an Evil Baby Leprechaun...

Friday Evening: After a walk and raiding Sarah's closet for new clothes we went out to dinner. We went to one of the Japanese Restaurant where the chef cooks right in front of you. Our Chef was drunk. He spill rice both Kelly's lap and the guy next to her. He also keep kissing Sarah's hand an inviting her out clubbin' with him. If I wasn't so worried about him roasting his hands on the huge burner in front of him, or missing one of the knives he keep flinging around it would have been hilarious. But hot stoves, knives, and drunk Hispanic man cooking Japanese food is scary.

Friday Late Nigh: Drank a few beers with the girls and checked out the Bako night-life. Interesting crowd.

Saturday: After going to bed at 1AM I woke up at 5:30 to drive to Oxnard for Elijah's T.Ball Hit-a-Thon. Dave was out of town so Raegan asked if I could be her spouse for a day. "E" hit the ball 69 feet; we were proud. The scary "we-must-aways-win-even-though-we're-a-team-of-5-year-olds-and-we-signed-up-for-fun" coach was satisfied. Whew.

Saturday Afternoon & Evening: Raegan, Hannah (8 months) and I went to every single story in Oxnard trying to find the things we needed for the baby shower we were hosting on Sunday. An entire county of stores later we still only had 2/3 of our stuff.

Sunday Morning: Raegan called my cell phone much to early in the morning so I ignored it. She called again 15 minutes later. I pick up. SUPRISE - she tells me about daylight savings time. First time I've thought about it all year. We miss church.

Sunday Afternoon: Raegan and I are running aroung her house with sweaty pits b/c the baby shower ladies are due to arrive any minute and we are not prepared.

Sunday Afternoon a bit later: They arrive. We pull it off. The shower is great. And I manage not to cry b/c I'm jealous of the baby bump - miracle.

Sunday Night: After 3 episodes of Lost to unwind I finally call it a night!


Jessica G. said...

Jealous of the baby bump? You and RJ thinking of starting a fam?

Two Cent Sparrow said...

Not yet. I wouldn't mind the bump but the hubby isn't quite down yet.

Two Cent Sparrow.
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