Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lately our Home Group has been talking alot about being "real" and open with each other. We've been discussing how we can't connect on a deep, spiritual level if people aren't willing to open up and SHARE their hearts. Our unwillingness to be vulnerable and transparent become the most apparent during payer. How many of you have been involved with a small group where the prayer requests fall under one of two categories: 1)They are requests for prayer for people who aren't even in the group. "My great Aunt Augusta in Maryland is having knee surgery tomorrow OR 2)The individual asks for prayer to either read their Bible more or Pray more? Now, there is nothing wrong with either of those prayers. And we need to be praying them. Obviously, God puts people in our life so we will lift them up, and it is of the utmost importance that we're in the Word and in daily Prayer.

BUT how easy are these request? When you ask for prayer to read your Bible more are you really being vulnerable? Or is it just an easy answer b/c everyone else feels the same way? In my opinion we get so much more out of our relationships when we share WHY. I need to spend more time in Prayer with the Lord b/c I'm really struggling with ________. I wish as Christian brothers and sisters we would be more open to sharing our hearts and our struggles with one another. I've found that when I take those leaps of faith and share my heart I get so much more back. I know my friend are praying specific prayers for me AND they can come along side me with encouragement.

Whew, I really didn't mean to go there with my post. All I really wanted to write about was to tell everyone that it is my hearts desire to go deeper with this blog. I love sharing the little pieces of my life, but I also want to go Deeper. I want More...because it is my hope that as I share myself I will grow. When we keep a seedling hidden in the dark nothing happens, but when we force it out into the sunlight it blooms.

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2wildtrout said...

Brilliant babe.

Seek Him, Real Passion, Real beauty, Real Jesus.

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