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Sunday, November 4, 2007

We've had some busy weekends lately. Here's the run down...

Three weeks ago RJ and I flew up North to Sacramento. We stayed at my parents' house and on Saturday we did a double-wedding day. First we went to my cousin Sallie's wedding in Yuba City. She was such a beautiful bride. We're only 6 months apart and we've grown up together so it was a bit sentimental seeing her in the big white dress (we're getting so old! I remember when we used to dress up in our Nounie's wedding dress and it would drap in bunches around our little ten year old frames), but David, the groom, is a wonderful guy and I am so thrilled for them.

After the ceremony, dinner, and dancing RJ and I left Sallie's wedding and drove back to my hometown of Grass Valley. We caught the last hour and a half of my friend Sabrina's wedding. Sabrina and I have know each other since the 4th grade. We grew up together and then both ended up attending Cal Poly as Speech Communications majors. We went from Sunday School to Senior project together and I was so thrilled to be able to see her as a beautiful bride. Plus....one of my bestest buddies Natalie was there as well as a slew of fun friends I haven't seen since high school! (Unfortunately the one image I have is hideously gross, so I refuse to post it.)

The next weekend RJ and I enjoyed a mellow Saturday. He spend most of the day studing for his real estate exam and I read an amazing book (A Thousand Splendid Suns). Then, on Sunday I joined two friends from work, Laura and Beth, and we headed out to Santa Cruz Island. Laura and I are writing an article for the magazine about "No Impact Backpacking" and Beth went out to take photos of us for the story. (I totally wore the wrong thing which is such a bummer since the pics are actually going to be published in the mag, but at least Beth is a gifted enough photographer that she managed to still make me look acceptably decent.) Beth had to leave the island Sunday afternoon, but Laura and I spent the night and we met a new friend - our little Santa Cruz fox buddy! He was the cutest dang thing and he hung out at our campsite area all evening.

(These photo's are mine, which is why they're so terrible. I'll posts Beth's soon.)

Finally, laast weekend RJ and I enjoyed a FAB surf session on Saturday afternoon and then some world-class entertainment at the Ventura Moster Truck Rally. RED-NECKS UNITE! What a show...the people who attended were spectacular!

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