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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

For the first time ever I am not relishing in the extra hour of sleep the fall time change blesses us with...instead, I have been determined to use the time for personal enjoyment and my marathon training.

On Monday I did my house stuff early in the morning so I could attend a pilates class in the evening. It's been about two years since I did pilates and my abs are complaining about it. The class was wonderful though. I loved the atmosphere. For the first time I sat in a pilates class that didn't feel threatening. There were old men, young men, old ladies, young ladies, chubby people, thin people, flexible people, unbendable people (such as myself). It was FABULOUS! I didn't have a one bit of insecurity! (Except when the intructor keep reminding up to keep our hips stacked. "Make sure those hips stay stacked and your ribs are tucked in." I KNEW I had to be the one who's ribs wouldn't stay tucked!)

Yesterday I got up before 6AM (personal pat on the back) and I went on a great run along the beach. The surf was up and there were other happy moring people milling about with their dogs. I got home in time for a relaxing cup of coffee. How nice is was not gulpign down my coffee while blow-drying my hair and applying mascara.

Today I got up early enough to meet a girlfriend for coffee BEFORE work. Blissful. What a great way to stat my day. (It is true that I may have been an hour and a half for work, but for the record, I did meet her early enough that I could have had a coffee, shared a laugh and got to work on time if I had really wanted to.)

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