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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Thanks to the blog-craze and too many hours sitting at a computer screen I have recently been able to connect with old friends via the virtual world. One such friend asked how RJ and I have been doing since our move to Ventura nearly two years ago and I realized that rather than type a long response back to her and all my other rediscovered friends, it would be much easier, and much more generational of me, to just blog about us. So, here's the update:

(In S.F. celebrating 3 years)

RJ and I just celebrated out 3rd wedding anniversary. We headed to San Fran for a long weekend and as usual we had a blast; we still are best friends. The last three years have flow by, and yet I feel as though we've been married forever sometimes. Right now we are enjoying out time together. Recently our friends have gone through a Baby Boom and while all the new babies are wonderful we still want a few more years of sleep, lazy Saturdays, and surfing without having to switch-off for baby duty. Plus I recently read a great quote: "Having a child is like getting a tattoo on your face - you need to be totally sure you want it and totally ready to commit."

(Following in his brother's cute litte footsteps - Elias Blackwell)

(Newest newcomer Malikia)

When RJ and I aren't hanging out with friends (old and new) we've been enjoying life near the beach. Taking advantage of long summer days with small waves we invested in longboards last summer. I've fallen in love with mine, a single-fin yellow, and RJ likes to switch it up between his longboard, fish, and egg. Despite being a bit seedy Ventura is a sweet little town and we love the Saturday Famer's Market and small-town feel of our area.

Sometimes we have to go to work. RJ is loving his job in Quality at Patagonia. This weekend he is at a Flying Fishing Convention in Denver (slaving away I'm sure). I am the production and marketing manager at a lifestyle and wine magazine in Santa Barbara. While I do work hard there are perks (see photo below of me respresenting the company at an event). We are totally taking advantage of being DINKs (double-income-no-kids) and have enjoyed exploring throughout California on the weekends.

We have been extremely blessed. We love each others, we have great jobs, Ventura is a fab little town, we have a wonderful church (Reality), amazing friends, etc. Praise the Lord that right now our only worries are whether or not the the housing marketing is going to finally drop enough for us to buy something, how I can start my motivational speaking career, and how many ways can we cook the 100 pounds of salmon RJ brought home from his Canadian vacation.


Jenn said...

so fun to see you guys!!! i have been thinking of you lately and hoping i would be able to connect soon. i hope we see you soon. come visit, since you are DINK's. we would love to see you!

Jenny Schlenker said...

You two are so great! come out to Colorado for some good adventures! I wish you could have ran with me in Leadville, that would have been great! When is the LA Marathon, I think it is in March? Lots of Love to both of you, xoxo, Jenny

Jessica G. said...

Hey, I love the DINK really is great! Glad to see you two are doing to well.

Ryan and Camille said...

im so confused, i think there's more to the update... miss you, Im going to call you a few times this week...

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