Landon's First Day of Kindergarden

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I didn't cry when he woke up and started talking about his first day.
I held it together while watching him eat a big breakfast from the red "I Am Special Today" plate.
I even remained collected during the drive over.
But when RJ lead us in a family prayer circle around him - asking for protection and blessings over this new phase - I pretty much lost it inside.

However, I knew my boy was teetering himself between brave composure and all-out tears so I took a few shuddering big breaths and held it together.

I wish I could have worn sunglasses into the classroom but somehow I managed to keep my tears locked in the corners of my eyes. 
When we actually said "good-bye" he looked nervous but I saw him physically put on his brave face, wave, and hunker down to some intense coloring.

Parker was so jealous of Landon's backpack he had to find something for himself too, so he grabbed this random Target bag from the kitchen. So sweet!
And so we begin a new phase. I now have an elementary school student. Crazy-sauce!
Where did the time go?!

Thankfully he's really only gone 3 1/2 hours a day so we can all ease into this new development.

My tears really were bittersweet. We are both pumped on kindergarden. Landon was all hugs and smiles when I picked him up. 

Thankfully his teacher Holly emailed all the parents a brief synopsis of the first day (I'm so stoked on her! She already sent Landon and postcard during the summer, gave them a special poem and "nervousness fairy dust" for their pillows the night before, and learned Landon's name.) because Landon informed me 2 seconds after I picked him up and got him into the car that he had already forgot a lot!
He did remember that:
"Teacher Holly sings and plays guitar like Daddy. She read The Kissing Hand and another book about kindergarden. There is a library area in the classroom. Snack was bananas and string cheese. And he played with a boy named Maxwell."

We are so proud of you Landon-bug! 
You're going to rock kindergarden.
This is just the beginning...

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Georgia said...

Last week was the beginning of the kinder also for my daughters! I miss them so much in the morning, although soon I should start my course and that would make me too busy! Our babies grow up!

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