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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hi friends! I know I haven't been posting much but to be honest it's been nice to unplug a bit. But I miss this space too much to be completely absent. 

We've been away from home for two weeks now and things are going really well. After a leisurely journey east (complete with stops in Vegas and Sakt Lake City) we reached Northern Idaho. In Idaho we had the opportunity to live in a yurt on a private stretch of river. RJ worked a bunch so the kids and I did a bunch of fishing trying to keep up with him. We even had the opportunity to learn tenkara fishing from Yvon Chouinard (the founder and owner of Paragonia) and spend an evening drinking wine and listening to some if his incredible stories. 

After Idaho we pulled into Bozenan where we've been for over a week. RJ's been putting in long hours so the boys and I have been busy exploring. I've got my bike and the trailer for Parker (Landon's been riding himself) and we have been all over town. This town is not only one of the most beautiful I've ever seen but insanely family friendly. Like blow-your-socks off family friendly: free diapers in public restrooms, toys and games in brewery tasting rooms, parks, pools, lakes , museums, kid friendly restaurants and coffee shops and more! There has been no shortage of things to do. There is even inexpensive, reliable childcare centers you can drop your kids off anytime for a date! Yesterday morning RJ didn't have to work so we dropped the kids off (and they had a ball playing) and we squeezed in a trail run and date breakfast!!

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Jessica G. said...

Such amazing memories you are making as a family!

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