You Can't Win Them All

Thursday, May 8, 2014

If you've been reading this blog for any amount of time you know that I love camping with my family. My kids are awesome little campers and my husband is a great outdoor adventure guide. 
The majority of our trips are truly enjoyable and fun for the entire family.
But you can't win them all.

We just got back from SyncroFest. A gathering of Syncro vans in the hills near Hollister. Four days of camping and 4-wheeling alongside other VW Vanagons. I knew going into this trip it wasn't going to be my absolute favorite, but RJ really wanted me there so I rallied. After 20 minutes I knew I was going to have to really rally from deep inside.

There were some things I really enjoyed about the experience. The people we met were really great. Happy people drive VW Vans. SyncroFest is very family oriented so my kids had a great time. They got to tie-dye, jump in a bouncy-house shaped like a van, play Corn-Hole, watch truck stunts, etc. Taking the van on the off-road trails and obstacles was fun too - especially when I got to drive. (Actually I surprised myself with just how much I really enjoyed the off-road driving.) The organizers of the event put together some great activities - a competition obstacle course that was fun to watch,  a huge group dinner, a salsa competition, beer tasting, and more. 

However, most of the parts I really liked were on Saturday. We got there Thursday.
As the woman camped next to me said, "I rate SycroFest a 9 -- when I only have to come for 24 hours." My husband and eldest son loved all four days but the little guy and I could have done with less. 
Plus, the weather was hot and dry.
It was dusty and dirty.
My allergies were bugging and lead to a sinus infection.
And Parker didn't sleep well the first two nights. 
my happy face

All-in-all not my absolute camp trip ever.

But I'll go back. Just knowing now that 24 -36 hours is my limit for off-roading camp fun.

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Jessica G. said...

Nice pictures. And I am impressed that you drove off road. I feel like I would have been afraid to. As for not winning them all, this past fall we had a camping trip gone bad. Everything that could have gone wrong did. But, we gave it a few months and are ready to camp again, so are headed out memorial day weekend.

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