Weekend Update - And A Peripheral View

Monday, April 28, 2014

Our weekend was one of those great ones where you have nothing on the calendar but somehow you end up having full days filled with the perfect balance of rest and fun. 
A few highlights included - pizza and friends and 9 insane children, long-lazy mornings, an incredible church sermon, skateboarding, bike rides, burgers, #sundaysoup, and some intense Taboo.
(For the record my husband, who hates board games, played Taboo twice this weekend and both times admitting to having fun. I'm writing this down so that I can remind him of this moment months from now when he won't play a game with me.)

Also, I had to laugh as I looked through RJ's iphone to find a photo for this post.
I could show you the following photo and then
tell you how much I love my darling family. 

It would be sweet.
It would look good.
It would be true. 


I can share with you the "extra" bit.
All those lovely bits that surround this photo but that you can't actually see.
The peripheral view --

- like the fact that just seconds after he snapped this picture RJ informed us we would need to cross a huge, deep, dark dirt ravine in order to get across the beautiful meadow over to the bike trail

- watching my baby get hurled down and up the steeps sides of said ravine while the bike trailer bounced precariously

- listening to my five-year-old burst into tears because the treacherous gorge looked (and was) entirely too scary

- dismounting to "walk" my bike down and across only to find myself skidding, sliding and crashing at the bottom

- the gnarly bruise the exact shape (and dark color) of a bike petal on my calf

- the dirty, sweaty, struggle to pull myself (and my bike) up out of the cavernous hole 

- the string of angry words that may or may not have escaped my mouth after the entire family finally arrive on the other side

- the sheepish smile my darling husband gave me knowing he had pushed the limits (once again) just a bit too far.

Family weekend adventures. So many beautiful photos. So many peripheral moments.

(This post may have been prone to slight exaggeration. But not much.)

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Adrie Little said...

Oh, I'm so glad I'm not the only one with angry words after being pushed a little too far! I'm glad that a couple bumps and bruises were the only souvenirs (as opposed to, like, an emergency room trip)!

I wasn't able to find your e-mail address, but I have a question for you. Could you e-mail me? alittlewifeshappylife@gmail.com. Thanks!

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