Progression of Events at a Wellness Appointment

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

"We're at the doctors. This is fun. They have toys and magazines and stylish paper gowns."

"Wait! What the heck was that?! No one told me they stick you with sharp objects."

"But we did get these lollipops so I think we're going to be okay. Right, brother? We are going to be okay..."

"Yes, most definitely going to be okay...I mean, we have blue lollipops: We're happy; We're calm."

"Nope! I am most definitely not okay! What the heck was that thing they did to me?!"

With close birth dates I get to do my kids wellness appointments together. Landon was a champ when it came to immunization. Not even a whimper. Parker, not so sure...

*BTW - I do give my boys immunizations but on my own schedule. If you're curious about deviating from the traditional timeline for immunizations or want to ask why I do, feel free to email me and I'll share my thoughts. I think it's really important to immunize but to do so safely - which is differentfor individual children. (Even My boys boys are on a different schedule from each other). 

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Anonymous said...

Ha ha.. Parker is too funny. Not even the lollipop can make up for those sharp things!

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