Parker Turns 2

Monday, May 12, 2014

It seems a little bit cruel that my baby would turn 2 on Mother's Day.

"Happy Mother's Day -- you no longer have any babies in the house. And probably won't ever again."
(We are expecting to adopt a toddler.)


I am way sadder about this than I expected to be.

But this post isn't about me and my mourning of soft baby hair and baby smell and baby breath...

It's about my little man with the big personality.

Parker -

You, my son, are a delight. There really is no better way to describe you. You fill our home with laughter. Everyday I am thankful to be you and your brother's Mama.

At the age of 2 you're really starting to come into your personality. You're seeking independence -- wanting to ride your scooter fast and far, loving playing outside, asserting your strong-will; yet you still love your Mama fiercly and cling to me when I hold you. I love your cuddles and the way you twist my hair through your fingers when you're really tired. 

You love to sleep. Love to snack. And love to play. Most mornings you sleep in the latest of the whole household and you always wake with a cheerful smile. Nap time is greeted with pleasure and I'm thankful for your 2 hour rest. We struggle still getting you to eat veggies and some fruits but smoothie's often do the trick for hiding kale and spinach. And recently, now that you're older, we've found that bribery works too. "Eat all your broccoli and you can have dessert" gets you shoveling in the green stuff. When you play you play hard and almost always come away sweaty and grubby.

Your favorite things to play are basketball (you love to tell me about every single basketball hoop you see whenever we are driving) and riding your scooter. Today you were showing off during our family walk doing "jumps" on the scooter. Trains, Elmo, "babies" (stuffed animals), and nerf/squirt/toy guns also favorites. At the beach on Sunday you were entertained with a squirt gun for more than an hour. You also love "puppy" - a stuffed dog on wheels that you drag around everywhere we go. And you're enamored by bubbles.

The other night you said your first prayer at dinner. None of it was intelligible expect three little words "thank you Daddy". How you love your Daddy and your brother! Watching the three of you interact is one of the greatest joys in my life. I pray that you three men will always be close. That you and your brother will follow the example of your Daddy and be Godly men that live to serve the Lord.

I love you my crazy Parker boy. 
Happy 2nd Birthday.


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Jessica G. said...

They just grow up on us an simultaneously break our hearts and make us so proud!

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