Landon is 5!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I get sentimental about my kids' birthdays. Landon's birthday brings up memories of new motherhood and the special bond I have with him as my firstborn...and Parker is my baby and watching my baby grow is incredibly sentimental (and sad).  

Today my Landon is five. Five is huge in kid world. It's a whole hand. Landon's been counting down to this birthday for six months. Now that its finally here he told me this morning that "he doesn't feel five."  I told him that he definitely looks five - and the feelings will follow. 

This sweet boy thrust me into motherhood with a bang. His birth story is unforgettable. But, like all children, he was worth every painful minute. 

Since that first contractions he has been challenging me. Teaching me to be less selfish. More patient. More loving. Teaching me to trust The Lord with my heart - my family. He made me a mother and literally flipped my life in the absolute best way. 

He's my buddy. We had three special years together just the two of us. He reminds me to be silly. To dance with abandoned. To play hard and sleep harder (this child sleeps like the dead). 

"I can't believe you're 5 Landon-Bug. Your Dad and I are so proud of you and love you so much. You are a truly incredible big brother. Parker is blessed daily by your love - we all are. Enjoy being 5! It's a special time. Indulge in Lego builds and soccer games, ninja fights and dance parties. Play. Laugh. Be goofy. And, as always, know how deeply and greatly God loves you." 


Anonymous said...

I came across your blog through Pinterest for your post on camping with kids and just thought I'd say hello! I read a lot of your older posts and I think if we moved to your neighborhood in So Cal we would be friends! ;) I kept finding myself relating to all of your posts ... similar beliefs, hobbies, intentional-ness goals, a late-talker who uses big words first (1st word = 'graham cracker') and the same teen crushes (Christian Bale in newsies, of course!). It made me want to come out there and visit and inspired me to try harder to meet people & make friends here...we have no one with kids in our neighborhood, not much within biking distance, no core group at church yet, but I look forward to some friend camping of our own someday! Thanks for sharing... Sarah

Jessica G. said...

Such a sweet post. And that boy of yours, he is so freaking cute. Happy birthday Landon!

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