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Thursday, April 17, 2014

I have a keyboard again! And storage on my computer - which means i can download photos again. Yippee! I really did miss this little space. I felt almost detached from a friend being unable to really post (posting from an iphone is not the same) and share here, and being unable to comment on other blogs I enjoy. After years and years of blogging and being immersed in the blog-o-sphere it's become part of my routine, and I miss it more than I realize when it's gone.

Now that I can download photos I will do the Fashion on the Fifteenth Eighteenth link-up tomorrow. Be sure to come back here and link-up if you're participating. And check-out the other participants links too.

Meanwhile, I'll leave you with two fab photos of my youngest.

We went to our annual Easter Party with friends today. Parker, true to form, could be found hanging around the snack table. Just taking it all in while enjoying a few tasty morsels.

Goodness, I love this child!

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