Parker at 22 Months

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Daily Parker makes me laugh out loud.
He's the funniest, most expressive, most happy, cheerful little guy.

Until he gets pissed.
Then watch out - he might bit your butt.
Yesterday he grabbed a mouthful of Landon's rear check and left a mark he chomped down so hard.

Parker wakes up with a smile and immediately asks for "Daddy", "An-dun", and "Lee-goos".
Then he hauls his legos into the living room calling "An-dun" over to play, while simultaneously yelling "Mine!" if Landon gets too close. It's tough to know what you really want when you're almost two.

Our little guy passes out kisses frequently and with gusto. However, immediately after puckering up and laying a slobbery one on you he'll look you in the eyes and shout, "Eww, Yuck!" And then laugh uproariously. 

His favorites include:
- Mommy, Daddy and Landon
- the chickens
- his scooter
- snacks
- juice
-wrestling Daddy
- talking about everything and anything (even if you can't understand him)
- and holding hands during dinner prayer

He dislikes:
-television (or he's more ambivalent about it)
-most vegetables
- blueberries (really son, really?!)
- when Landon touches his scooter
-washing his hair during bath
-being told "no"
-and time-outs

I'm so thankful for the gift of our youngest son. As someone pointed out to me today "he has a lot of personality" and I love it! 

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Jessica G. said...

I love this update. Parker is a cutie. And I love that he is just like my kids, wants to share, but doesn't at the same time.

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