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Friday, March 14, 2014

My ranunculus bulbs have bloomed!

Back in November I bought bulbs on a whim. RJ isn't a flower guy - he would rather plant something "useful" like a fruit or vegetable but he indulged my need for colorful flowers.
However, he was insistent that I plant them myself.

And I had to best of intentions to do just that. 
But, I got distracted and the bulbs were forgotten.
I thought of them about a month ago, wondering where they might have gotten to, but it was too late to plant them anyway so I quickly dismissed my thought assuming RJ had thrown them away.

And then, about a week ago our yard brightened.
Pretty orangy-red blooms.
My sweet husband.
What a gift he is to me.
He's my favorite.

Happy Weekend, friends!

(Don't forget - We are celebrating Everyday Fashion tomorrow!)

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