Friday Favorites - Olympic Edition

Friday, February 7, 2014

With the Opening Ceremony for the 2014 Winter Olympics airing tonight (and formally starting this morning) we will be looking for our favorite Olympian:
Jamie Anderson, RJ's cousin from South Lake Tahoe, is competing in women's snowboarding slopestyle. Not only is she competing but she's a favorite to win gold, with something like eight X-Games metals in her trophy case already. 

On the cover of Sports Illustrated this week
(Jamie is standing) 

Jamie and some of the Anderson crew cheering at a previous event
We watched Jamie's Qualifying round yesterday and Landon was wide-eyed the entire time. It's pretty impressive. 

Go Team Anderson!!! 

Who and what will you be watching in Sochi Russia this year?  
Besides snowboarding we will be tuning into skating, sking, luge and bobsledding 
Two Cent Sparrow.
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