Weekend Highlights

Monday, January 20, 2014

- I threw a baby shower for my friend Mollie this weekend. She's having her first baby and is waiting to find out if baby is a boy or a girl. I did her shower in a Vintage Toys theme and scoured flea markets for fun decore. It turned out super cute. And I forgot to take even a single photo. I'm so bummed.

- While I was baby-showering RJ took the boys to the beach and the zoo. Daddy's are the most fun!

- Sunday we took a family bike ride to the harbor. Landon rode the entire way and although he said his legs got tired he didn't once complain.

- And Sunday evening we checked-out the new restaurant/bar/bowling alley that's a quick bike ride from out house. It was quickly apparent that our family is abhorrent bowlers. Like really, terrible, horribly bad. None of us broke a 100 and Landon beat me one game (in my defense he did have bumpers). 

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