Parker's First Haircut

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

It was finally time to bite the bullet and get Parker's haircut.
His hair was looking straggly and twice in one week he was mistaken for a little girl.

I've been dreading this day - knowing that a new short hair-do would morph my youngest from a baby to a big-boy in just a few scissor snips.

Here he is the day before in all his long-haired baby goodness:

And twenty dollars and one barber shop visit later my baby is all growed-up:


I choked up more than once watching his long locks fall to the floor. It's hard watching my baby grow. Can't I just keep him little forever please? 

There are no good photos of the actual event since I went alone and actually ended up holding him in the chair. I tried taking an after photo but he was squirmy and eager to flee the scene so nothing turned out. 

Here is a comparison shot of the boys with their first haircuts.
They definitely look like brothers but they look different too.


Jessica G. said...

Aww, he looks so cute! Isn't it weird how much a hair cut can change them?

Bethany said...

Love the haircut - so cute! But i'm always in a rush to cut my boys' hair haha

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