What Didn't We Do This Weekend?

Monday, December 9, 2013

It was a full three days!

We kicked off the weekend with out annual Christmas party.
It almost didn't happen this year - I was feeling tired and unmotivated - but my friends talked me into it and I am so glad they did!
We had a blast!

Temperatures were freezing (you know, below 50!) outside so not everyone made it out to the photo booth (which we set up in our "Barn") but those that did definitely got into the spirit of things:

April and Ryan took the kids for us overnight so Saturday morning I woke up at 9.
RJ brought me a latte in bed and I lingered for another hour.

Since we picked up the kids in Santa Clarita we decided to make a day of it and chase the snow.
(Especially since my Instagram was blowing up with snow photos from all our Northern California friends.)

We found more than we anticipated.
Some of us loved it.
Some did not.

please excuse my gloved finger in these photos.
I actually have so many adorable snow photos on our good camera don't be surprised if you get hit with a second snow post.

Finally, we used Sunday to rest and recuperated.
Landon and I sneaked out for a date to see Frozen.
I think I may love the movie even more than he does.
It is darling. 
Such a sweet story about not letting fear rule you, letting people into your heart, and the bond between sisters.

How amazing is he^^^^^^^

I had been wanting some alone time with him and it was so sweet.

Although I must be honest, as we were leaving I did have a major moment of frustration.
We had gone to a 3D movie, had popcorn and coke (!), and played two video games.
Pretty much an epic date, right?!
It was - until Landon had a fit because I wouldn't get him ice cream too.
We tried to have a talk on the way home about entitlement and having a grateful heart.
I'm not really sure it got through.
Sometimes parenting is hard.
Thank goodness for Jesus and Grace.

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