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Friday, November 29, 2013

My in-laws flew into town yesterday so we celebrated Thanksgiving today instead. I'm laying in bed right now feeling full, fat and happy. 

I was reflecting on Thanksgiving earlier and truly felt overwhelmed with gratitude. This life that I lead is just incredible beyond measure. My little family brings me joy in indescribable ways. Oh, how I love them! And all the rest of my family and friends and community is wonderful beyond measure. AND, better than even all of that, is Jesus. He brings salvation, freedom, peace, comfort and joy. I am humbled by His goodness to me. 

My gratitude moves me to tears. I pray I never take any of this for granted. 

I mean, how could I not have a thankful heart??!! Look at these two:

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Anonymous said...

Solo much to be thankful for. Love my Lord and my family.
We are truly blessed

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