Last Weeks Sunday Suppers

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I'm definitely running a bit behind in everything this week. Sorry not to post last week's meal plan on Sunday, somehow the days are getting away from me. I blame the little people in my home. :)

Sunday: Pasta with Butternut Parmesan Sauce and Salad

Monday: BBQ Beef Sandwiches and Salad

Tuesday: Dinner at our friend's lovely home in Ojai. I brought a Lemon Pistachio Tart from the Peace Meals cookbook

Wednesday: Potluck with our Community Group. Chili and Cornbread. (Always a crowd pleaser.)

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday: Landon and RJ were on a father/son fishing trip so Parker and I ate strange foods while home alone. I don't usually cook when RJ's out of town. We ate a smorgasbord of randomness: sushi rolls, veggie burgers, Japanese fried rice, boar meat...

Tips, Tricks and Notes:

- I buy our beef wholesale in Placerville from one of RJ's dad's friends. One hundred pounds of grass-fed, pasture grazed, organic beef about once a year. (It's much more economical to purchase it this way.) However, it does ensure that I have quite a bit of ground beef and some odd cuts. I've found that tough cuts like london broil are great in the crock pot. Throw in a few pounds of meat, an onion and some good BBQ sauce and you've got tasty, easy sandwiches. Or use salsa for tacos or burrito bowls. 

- I can not say enough good things about the Peace Meals cookbook. My friends and I have all bought it for each other; every time someone eats something from the book she then insists on having a copy for herself.  And the book is beautiful - a gorgeous cover and incredible food photography inside. If there is a foodie in your life you can't go wrong gifting them with Peace Meals.

And I must ask, when your home alone do you cook for yourself? Or get your favorite take out? Or just eat cereal and watch movies in bed?

I think all three sounds like lovely options. 

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