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Sunday, October 27, 2013

I had an idea and it's either going to be really great or really weird...

What if I started regularly sharing with you what our family eats for dinner?

Weird? To personal? Way more info that you want about us? Maybe...

But, it's not uncommon for my friends and I to ask each other what we are making for dinner at night.
Everyone is looking for new, simple, healthy meals for their families. 
So, I figured I might as well put our meal plan on the internet (so much of our life is already out here) and help you plan dinner in your home too. 

I thought I would share our previous weeks meals rather than the upcoming weeks plan.
That way I can tell you what turned out great, what didn't, what the kids wouldn't touch, etc. 
And I'll try to link-up recipes* as sources when I can. 

Here's what we ate for supper last week:

Sunday: BBQed Rib Eye Steak, Baked Potatoes, Salad
Tuesday: Tortilla Soup
Wednesday: In N Out Burger! 
Friday: We went to a party and I brought Ham & Cheese Sliders
Saturday: Date Night! We ate truffle fries, a burger that had a fried egg and bacon on it, and those pots of amazingness you see below 

- By roasting the chicken on Monday I could use the meal in the soup and the quinoa salad
- That Butternut Squash Salad is amazing! The recipe looks and reads as if it's complicated but once you go through it once you realize it's really simple. And totally delicious. 
- I never make the crunchy corn strips in the tortilla soup recipe. Instead I just buy regular tortilla chips. So much easier!
- We have Bible Study in our home Wednesday night so I usually cut myself some slack and get frozen food or take-out that evening (or use my crock pot). When meal planning always plan in an easy night or two.
- Ham and Cheese Sliders are going to be my new go-to party food

Now please share with me any good meals you've come up with lately too!
butterscotch with salted carmel, creme brulee, dark chocolate heaven with vanilla cream
*It's rare that I follow a recipe exactly (except for baking). When I really want to try something I'll go out and buy all the intredients (as I did with the Butternut Squash Salad). But the rest of the time I use a recipe as my starting point and then wing-it based on what I already have. It's saves quite a bit of money and helps me improve my cooking skills. Don't be afraid to take risks in the kitchen! 

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