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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Yesterday I drive the boys 400 miles - by myself! - to Oma & Grandpa's house. We left at 4:30am in the hopes that L and P would sleep the first few hours. Things went smoothly until about 6:30 when everyone woke up. 

The problem with driving long distances alone with littles is that nothing is easy. You can't just pull over to a gas station for five minutes when you have to pee. No, instead everyone must get out of the car to accompany mom to the stall. After unbuckling seat belts, finding shoes, trudging to the restroom, keeping the baby off the floor/out of the toilet/away from the electric hand dryer you finally get relief. Then you must trudge back to the car, rebuckle belts, find toys/books/electronics, situate headphones, distribute snacks...and then you're finally ready to hit he road again. Only to hear, "I have to go potty" approximately 12 miles later. 

But we made it. Landon watched back-to-back movies and Parker ate three dozen snacks (a full mouth = a quiet child). More than once I swore I would never do this again. Only to arrive and  immediately begin planning our next trip as i see the joy and excitement on my kids' faces when they are swept up by their grandparents. 

            Enjoying the zoo with Oma! 

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