Halloween Twenty-Thirteen

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Landon was insistent on being a cheetah for Halloween this year. Insistent! But have you ever looked for a pre-made cheetah costume? Probably not, so let me just fill you in - they don't exist! If you do manage to find one on some obscure website you can pretty much guarantee that it will be either a) really weird and freaky looking, b) super girly, or c) all of the above.  I wanted to force him into a Spiderman costume instead, but it's the boy's favorite day of the entire year and I just couldn't bear to let him down. Therefore...I was forced to be crafty. 

 I loath being crafty. It's not my gift. 

Sleep may have actually been lost as I tried to figure out how to fashion ears on a child without using a headband (because "only girls wear headbands!") At one point I found myself surrounded by bolts of fabric arguing with my four year old about the difference between cheetah and leopard print. Thank goodness for iphone google searches or that debate could have raged for awhile. 

But despite my contempt for crafting I was happy I put in all that time hot-glueing; he put on his cheetah costume tonight and felt like a million bucks! Roared his way through the neighborhood and collected a bucketful of loot. 

Sadly my little penguin felt sick this evening. But, he still insisted on getting out of the wagon and trick-or-treating at a few houses himself. With his giant belly and swaggering strut he really did made a perfect penguin. I wish I had remembered to video his waddling race to the door, garbled "trick-or'treat" and dramatic "BYE" at every house. 

So while Halloween really isn't my favorite holiday I must admit that someday I will miss these years of trick-or-treating with my darling boys. They are the cutest little zoo babies a mama ever did see. 

My mom is here visiting and got to celebrate Halloween with us this year.
Can you figure out what her costume is???

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Jessica G. said...

I think it's fun watching little kids personalities come out and them insisting on certain things, like no headbands for boys or the costume they want.

Your kids looked adorable, you looked adorable and I have no clue what your mom was!

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