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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I was chatting with a good friend today when she asked me, "And how do you feel about not working outside the home?" 

I paused for a moment. It had been awhile since I had been asked that question. "I love being home with my boys. I truly love it," I answered. 

It felt so good to be able to answer her honestly. I actually like being a stay at home mom. I enjoy other interests and activities outside of the role of wife and mother but, at this point in my life, I am content to wear the Housewife/Mommy cap most of my day. 

I think, my first few years home I was a little bit ashamed to admit how much I enjoyed "just being home." When asked about my career I would launch into an immediate explanation of why I was home ("my kids are young") and then my plans to go back to school or do such-and-such later. Instead if holding my head high and proclaiming myself Stay-at -Home Mommy hear me roar. Standing tall and proud and no further explanation needed. 

Like all careers there are days of discontentment. Days I watch RJ leave with envy in my heart. Days I daydream about corner offices and power suits. I have a million ideas for my future career. A million interests I want to pursue. But right, most days I'm really enjoying playing Legos, taking walks to the park, and eating crust-less pb&js. Its fun to hang with my kids. And I'm finally comfortable enough to say that this role is enough. I don't need a side job or future plans in the works. Being home is enough. I'm proud of (and incredibly thankful for) my position. 

The hours are the longest. It's by far the most exhausting. There are many days I would love to call in sick and can't. The pay sucks. But it's incredibly flexible. And full of adventure. And, most importantly, it's where I feel God has called ME to right now.*
* I don't think there is any right way to raise kids. Some moms work. Some moms don't. Both have advantages and disadvantages. And one role is not better or more important than the other. But being where The Lord calls you is of the utmost importance. And for now, for reasons I can guess at but I'm not certain of yet, I know this is exactly where God has called me too.

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