Our Weekend and Amber Alerts

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

We had such a fun weekend. Complete with a trip to Venice Beach, sausages and beer for dinner, and spontaneous trips to the beach. 

But my weekend memories are a bit tarnished by the realization that were spared from a very close call. Saturday, we headed down to Venice Beach to go to a surfboard swap, shop around a bit, and just get out of town. We decided to avoid the beach boardwalk this time and instead hit up some areas we hadn't seen before. However, we very nearly headed down there to see the skateboarders and visit on of RJ's favorite shops. I'm so glad we didn't. It turns out someone literally "bent on doing evil" decided to drive his car down the boardwalk mulling people over. According the the CNN article (here) the 38-year old man purposefully wanted to hurt people and create mayhem. He did just that - killing an Italian woman on her honeymoon and injuring more than a dozen more. 

We were just a few blocks away enjoying dinner when it all happened. I can not image being there with my children. It scares me just thinking about it. Not only the fact that they could have been hurt or killed but the idea of them having to witness something so terrible and vindictive just devastates me. I have been continually praising the Lord for sparing us that scene since hearing about it. 

I love all these great photos from our day but I have to admit there was being a bit of a cloud flung over them just thinking about the nearby tragedy. 



Also, did anyone else get the Amber Alert on their phone this morning? When I saw mine this morning I was pretty excited about it. I think text message Amber Alerts and a brilliant idea. These days not everyone watches the news or listens to the radio in the morning but most people check their cell phone. Well done California! You can read more about mobile Amber Alerts here. I pray this helps them find the kidnapper quickly! 

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Jessica G. said...

I am so glad you guys are ok. That is really scary and would have shook me up as well. And I seriously LOVE that picture of you and Landon.

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