Running Skirts

Thursday, August 29, 2013

I have a burning question for all my blog friends:

Running Skirts - How do you feel about them?


I had always lumped them in the same category as make-up at the gym*: Why do it?
In the past when I saw a woman jogging by in a running skirt I would be perplexed.
Is she making a fashion statement? Does she want to feel girly while she runs? Are they more comfortable? Because,to be honest, they just seemed pointless.

I think I was so confused by the running skirt because I honestly never saw one that actually looked good. Until today, when Parker and I were jogging by the beach and I ran past the first cute running skirt I had even seen. 

It looked a bit like this:

And then I did a google image search and found that while mostly I still think they look pointless and a little silly there are a few decent running skirts out there. Decent enough I might be tempted to give one a try.

But I'm curious what you think.
Running Skirts: Yes or No?

*Unless you're really trying to impress someone in particular  (and in that case please only mascara and chapstick - a full face of makeup while sweating on the treatmill is just bizarre) please leave the gym make-up at home. You're red and sweaty and stinky already you might as well let your face breath.)


Tracy said...

I love that you have addressed this! Lol. I have wondered the same thing. I usually see women wearing them over spandex leggings and I wonder why they want to do all the layers. I think of them kind of as a modest covering. Maybe women wear them because it doesn't hug your buns so tight and show off every fabulous curve we have? Or maybe the tennis attire is just stepping outside of the courts?

But they are kind of cute. So many cute things also happen to be completely pointless.

Rhiannon said...

I just don't get it either. It seems pointless to me.

Ryan and Camille said...

hmmm, you're right, that one is cute. I could see myself wearing it more because I wanted to wear a skirt but was probably going to be trying out the monkey bars on the playground or wrestling with the kids, and didn't want to flash anyone. I tend to over-wear my workout clothes. On that note though, why not just bring back the skort?

Ryan and Camille said...

it's a dangerous path to start down... then I'm paring it with a body suit and a fanny pack...

Anonymous said...

I think they are cute. For me, a running skirt (skort?) hides the "rising" of the inner thigh material of running shorts. I've always been a bit shy about my heavier thighs. I purchased my 1 & only charcoal gray running skirt about 5-6 years ago... before they were popular in my area of the country. So for me it's functional. Newer styles are cute... and who cares if someone wants to run in a skirt. It's all good. At least people are running! The more the merrier.

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