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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

RJ said my last post was totally depressing so I thought I would lighten things up today with some fun (and random) thoughts and links:

- Landon calls littering "glittering" which makes me laugh. 
"Mom, I just accidentally glittered something." 

- When we were in Venice Beach the other weekend we stumbled upon Tom's Shoes retail store. I love toms. I've got three pairs myself and I'm coveting these new boots.

- My high school friend Zach is in the Peace Corp in Rowanda. He recently blogged about Tom's Shoes delivering a grip-load of shoes to the kids in his village. It was so awesome to read a first hand account of the excitement that these shoes brought to their recipients who had only ever had plastic flip flops before. 

- I recommend following Zach's blog Adventures of Z-Man. I desperately wish RJ and I had done the Peace Corps. I'll definitely encourage my kids to do it. 

- Landon's 6-year-old friend took this photo of my boys on the ferris wheel last week and I seriously love it.

- Parker says more and more words everyday, including: thank-you, bye-bye, Da-Da but still no Ma-Ma. Apparently my kids just aren't that interested in addressing me by name...why do it screaming works just as well!

- Both Landon and I are counting down the days until preschool starts up again. 14. I'm really not sure which of us is more excited. 

- I'm thinking of doing this for my birthday. Anyone want to join me? 

- Last night instead of cracking open one of the 12 books stacked next to my bed I spent over an hour watching movie trailers on my iphone. It looks like fall/winter is lining up to deliver some good flicks. I'll share my favorites tomorrow.

- Meanwhile RJ and I haven't been able to find a rental for ages. Any suggestions????

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Jessica G. said...

Tell RJ that "serious happens"...but seriously, it's no fun having a sick kid! Especially scary sick.

And "glittering" I love it. As for Parker, I don't know what is worse, not saying mama, or doing as Isla does and saying mama every time she needs she says mama to everyone, not just me. Of course, there is only one daddy in her life, but whatever...not bitter at all ;)

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