Friday, August 20, 2010

Landon was a little slow to join the Mommy-train.
He's been into Mommy since the beginning.
(Although at first I'm fairly certain he was using me for the milk.)
But he didn't actually say the word Mommy until recently.

Honestly, I was getting quite annoyed.
He had been saying "Doggie" and "Dadda" for months.
Even words such as "done" and "please" and "eye"
seems more important than Mommy. 
I mean really kid - 
I cook your meals,
dress you, give you toys, wipe your bum. 
Couldn't you at least have the decency to refer to me by name.

At one point I got actually got upset.
During diaper changes there was quite a bit of
grabbing and gibbering and what sounded like

Normally I could have given it to him,
but there was no way I was writing
"penis" on the word chart before "mommy". 

But finally he got.
About a ten days ago I heard the first "Mommy."
What elation!
My baby boy recognized me by name. 
I high-fived him, and snuggled, and kissed his chubby little cheeks. 
"Yes, I'm your Mommy!"

Now it's been over a week since that first sweet-sounding "mommy."
And Landon has realized that he can not only say the name,
but that it elicits a response from his mother. 
What fun!

Welcome to the soundtrack of our life:

mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy


Bethany said...

love it! so special! caleb is also slow at the mommy train, or i guess the speaking train in general. can't wait to hear those first words.

Jess Roy said...

YAY!!!!!!! it's about dang time! :) so happy for you Anna - and glad Landon has finally jumped on the Mommy bandwagon!

Anonymous said...

You're a brilliant, and yes, pithy, writer. I mean, you're just totally fabulous girl! Fo sho!

Two Cent Sparrow.
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