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Saturday, August 21, 2010

I've been blogging for a little over 3 years now which is just crazy. And lately, I've been wondering why. Why do I choose to share my life over the internet with family, friends and strangers? It takes time to maintain a blog. And as Landon gets older personal time is becoming more and more precious (as there is less and less). I could use Facebook and email to stay in touch with people and share photos. And the phone to retell funny or amusing stories. I have friends in the area I can vent and complain to when necessary. So why blog?

One reason I continue is because I can eventually turn my blog into a scrapbook. There are companies that will take my blog and create a Shurtterfly-like book that I can look back on or share with my children. A book of precious memories and everyday images such as this one:

Enjoying vanilla soy milk on a coffee date with Mommy

The blog is also a great place to share public service announcements:

Dear Ventura Friends,
As you very well know Palermo is one of the best local coffee shops in town.
However, I must sadly inform you that they have failed me twice.
Above is the muffin I ordered this morning.
Label: Blueberry
Actual Flavor: cake; falsely advertised by a sprinkling of berries on top
I've fallen for this false advertising once before. Not again!

Stick with the coffee and scones.
And I am proud of the little family the Lord has blessed me with. I love sharing our adventures and escapades. The web is full of mom-bloggers and it's a fun community to be a part of. I enjoy watching people's children grow and learning about what another mother might make for dinner

But mostly I enjoy blogging because I actually like to write. Once out of high school it was acceptable to venture outside the 5-paragraph essay (bing!, bang!, bongo!), and I found writing more enjoyable. Then college ended and I was no longer fleeing my computer burnt out from ten page philosophy papers, and I discovered that writing about oneself can actually be a great creative outlet. And now that I'm not in the workforce I find myself cooped-up with tons of creative energy - hence blog posts about anything and everything.

And while I often blog about our day-to-day lives I really want this space to reflect the transparency of my heart. I often say that RJ lives with his heart on his sleeve. He has nothing to hide. I love that about him. For we are all sinners saved only by the grace of Jesus. I hope I can be more open too.

I've heard that there is a movement in our generation to be more transparent than the generations before us - more real. I hope this is true. However, in my observations, I am still seeing a lack of emotional vulnerability in the American church. Too many Christians trying to live perfect before the Lord and before men (or more before men?). Unable to admit struggles or ask for prayer for themselves. Too many people are ashamed to admit their hurts, worries, fears and sins; rather we often hear prayer requests for a great-aunt or a friend's friend.

Or, if we do open up we hid our real feelings behind Christian cliches. "The Lord is really humbling me right now." "I'm in a valley but I trust that He will get me out again."     Care to elaborate?

I am too often in the cliche group. I desire to be more open and real. Not because I want to burden you with my problems or negativity, but because I hope to encourage. It is encouraging to hear that we are not alone in our struggles. And, the Lord is the great redeemer. I hope, in my transparency, you will see His great work in my life. The Freedom that comes with Jesus. My friend Dallas has it right. You want a taste of real Christian living check out his blog right now.

Anyhoo, there's my thoughts on why I blog. More ramblings to come....

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