Colorado Road Trip - Day 13

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Surprisingly we are already nearing the end of our road trip. The past two weeks have flow by, and yet it also seems as though we've been far from home for a long time. Landon's just now started asking to see his friends and I'm getting to that point where a night in my own bed really sounds heavenly. But we aren't quite ready to head back yet. Today and tomorrow we are looking forward to exploring Boulder before the long journey back to California.

With the exception of a quick stop in Denver to visit one of my best friends from college we have spent most of our time in mountains outside of 4G data service. I'll admit, at first this made me crazy. I wanted to update this blog, view emails, and - I'll admit - check Instagram. But after a few days adjustment I will admit it was really nice to unplug for awhile. It's true that media can really distract from family and I enjoyed the freedoms of being iPhone/Internet free for a bit. 

Overall the trip has continued to be wonderful. We've had our moments - the kids gave me the stomach flu too; at times there has been a little too much family togetherness; my navigation skills continue to be lacking much to RJ's frustration; and we don't always agree on what to do next, but all-in-all we have had a blast creating unforgettable memories. Here's a sneak peek:

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