Weekend Warriors - 1st Birthdays & Mother's Day

Monday, May 13, 2013

There are so many things I want to write about in this post. It was such a full weekend. I could talk about:

- my baby boy turning one and how I cried over it the night before

- the great day we had celebrating him at the zoo with aunt Jess and uncle   Matthew

- how much joy and delightfulness our Parker brings to this family

- the fact that Mom Guilt came to visit because not only did I not throw the boy a party but I didn't even make homemade cupcakes 

- the fact that my heart was bursting with the fullness of my blessings while I reflected on being a mother this weekend

- the amazingness of my own mother

- how I felt as though someone was missing whenever I glanced in the backseat this weekend; Mother's Day brought up all kinds of emotions as I longed long for our girl 

So much to say right now, but the reality is that I have two beautiful boys waiting for me to finish up so I can get them their 200th snack of the day (lately these two are eating up a STORM. I think they have worms in their bellies. They are never full!), so captions and bullets will have to do.

I hope all you mothers out there had a great Mother's Day yesterday!
Anytime he saw and animal he liked the finger came out and there was much pointing and shouting

the frosting is always the best part


so much joy
such great thighs

my baby

the boy that made me a mom

I couldn't help but feel as if someone was missing from the backseat on our drive home
my own incredible mother and I only my first birthday
she's taught me the most important parts of parenting - trust in the Lord and pray without ceasing!

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Linda Z said...

Such cute pics with your boys!! I went all out for 1st b'day parties, and I don't know why, cause they don't even remember them at all!! :P Anyway, don't feel guilty, you are an amazing mom! :)

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