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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A few days ago there was talk of celebrity crushes over at A Cup of Jo. Joanna admitted that her latest crush is Nick from New Girl. I must agree that Nick is pretty darn adorable. But I think I may love Jessica Day even more than I love him. 

How amazing is she!
This photo says it all

I am seriously in love with this show. I may love it nearly as much as I love Friends...which, if you knew me during the Friends era, you realize the weight of that statement. 

With Grey's Anatomy being...well, Greys. And The Office heading off the air, I needed a new comedy. I tried New Girl last year when it first debuted but just couldn't get into it. I realized later, after giving it a second chance, that much like The Office you must give this show time to grow on you. You need to watch at least 3-4 episodes. Then, once you start to love the characters, you realize that it's

And the on-screen chemistry between Nick Miller (Jake Johnson) and Jessica Day (Zooey Deschanel) is on-freaking-fire! (Is my enthusiasm coming through yet or do I need more bold italics?!) 

Quite possibly hotter than Ross and Rachel
(Typing those words makes me feel like a traitor but it really just may be true.)
If you don't watch New Girl yet I must insist you give it a whirl. You will not be disappointed. And after you watch the episode "Menzies" please email me because I must invite you over so we can watch it again together and laugh so hard we leak pee. 

Plus, Jessica Day's outfits alone are worth the 25 minutes of viewing. Zooey apparently is very involved in the wardrobe selections and that girl has style! Afterward each episode you can check out this amazing blog Dress Like New Girl and get her exact look. If I was a working lady and wore cute dresses I would be all over it all the time. 


Unknown said...

I've wanted to watch this I just haven't quite gotten around to it. I hope it IS as good as it seems!

Erin said...

My absolute FAVORITE show!!! And the fact that nick and Jess are "together" makes me so excited!!! It's been a long time comin'!!!

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