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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Obviously all mother's know that their children are uniquely perfect. But lately, my perfect Parker has turned a corner. Gone is my mellow, contented, happy-go-lucky baby and HELLO to this crazy, little almost-one-year-old wild-child. Now that he can crawl (he's a bit of a late bloomer in the large-motor skills arena) he's decided that he must live up to every baby/toddler stereotype there is:

- every time he's put on the floor he heads straight for the bathroom
- putting things in the toilet is oh-so-much-fun (don't worry grandma we just got a toilet lock)
- ripping up toilet paper is pretty great too

- in the living room it's fun to pull all the magazines out of the bin and scatter them 
- it's also fun to empty drawers, play in potted plant dirt, and destroy Big Brother's lego creations

- at mealtime we love to throw our plate and toss our cup
- at age 11 months we are obviously old enough to use the spoon ourself and need NO HELP from Mama
- and when we don't like the meal we chuck it on the floor with gusto and enthusiasm 
- and if the food isn't delivered fast enough a set of shrieking lungs should help motivate the cook to get a move on!

With my eldest I never baby-proofed, never worried about high-chair manners, and never had to put anything out of reach. I'm realized that Landon was easy. Our Parker is giving us a run for the money. I think that's why God made him so cute. Yesterday when he chucked his tunafish sandwich in my face and then grinned devilishly at me I burst out laughing. Can you really blame me? Look at that face!

(But in all seriousness - tips and recommendations are greatly appreciated. Leave them in the comment section!)

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Linda Z said...

Parker sure is cute!! You must be exhausted keeping up with all his curiosity!!

One of my sons used to like to play in the dog's food and water. I tried saying "no" and directing him to a better choice quite a few times. Then I realized that it was just too great a temptation for him. I moved the dishes to the garage for a couple months. When I brought them back, they were no longer an issue. :)

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