50 Shades of Teel

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Out to a sushi lunch between gown fittings and flower meetings

I had so much fun hanging with my sister this past weekend. I can't believe it's been nearly 9 years since she stood as my maid-of-honor and now I'm getting the privilege to do the same -helping usher her out of single-hood and into the married life. 

We celebrate her last few weeks as a bachelorette by heading to Napa with friends for a day of relaxing, wine tasting, gifting and nightlife. 

We started at Spa Solage which was AMAZING. We did a group mud treatment that included lavishing ourselves with mud in a dry sauna, soaking in mineral water baths, and a NAP in a zero-gravity chair. 

Then we drank wine, ate cheese and shared hilarious stories at a beautiful Napa winery.

Followed by champagne and gifts at the hotel and finally dinner on the town.

yes - that is a giant salami 

Since April's new last name will be Teel I played off the word and did a "50 Shades of Teel" theme. Unfortunately I forgot my camera at my parents house so I don't really have photos but we decorated with hotel room with teal balloons and streamers. I created gift-bags for the girls that included a variety of teal colored goodies: everything from teal earrings, to eye-shadow, gum, and nail polish. 

I also made us these champagne flutes*. It was incredibly easy. 1) Tape half the steam with masking tape 2) spray the bottom of the flute with spray adhesive 3) glitter! 
*Wal-Mart has very inexpensive flutes that are perfect for an event such as this.

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