Waiting for Sister

Thursday, April 11, 2013

One of the greatest joys of parenting is watching your children enjoy each other. 

I wondered if the 3 year age gap between my boys would hinder their relationship but it really hasn't whatsoever. Despite the face Parker is only 11 months and Landon is nearly 4 the two of them love to play together.  

My Mama's heart is so proud of Landon for he truly is a great older brother. He loves to take care of Little Brother. He brings Parker toys, fetches his Sippy cup, engages Parker during make-believe play and loves to make him laugh. Parker is just delighted to be anywhere Big Brother is. If Landon's around Parker is happy. 

RJ and I are also actively engaged in brainwashing them to continually love each other. When talking to one we typically refer to the other as "brother" to emphasize the relationship. We also tell Landon that Parker is his best friend; that other friends are wonderful but Parker is his forever friend. I try to remember to praise Landon whenever I see him sharing his toys, helping his brother, or being particularly attentive to Parker's needs. 

My hearts desire is that they delight in and enjoy each other for a lifetime. I know from experience a positive relationship with a sibling is an absolute blessing and great joy.
(Not to undermine being an only child. There are great benefits to that life circumstance as well.)

The more I watch L and P's relationship develop the more I anticipate the arrival of Sister. How exciting to see a new love blossom and to get to experience the dynamics of a sister as well as a brother. 

But, I'll admit sometimes I feel apprehensive as well: Will their closeness lessen with the arrival of a third? Will someone feel left out in a circle of three? 

I try to throw the fears at the feet of the Lord. He knows, and loves, my boys and their sister fiercely. He is the one orchestrating our family and He never makes mistakes. I am so thankful for His promises. 

We don't yet know her name or her age or what she looks like but we love Sister and can't wait for her to come home and play!


Linda Z said...

Brainwashing! That made me laugh... I do it with my boys, too! :)

Excited that you are going to get a sister. I've been out of the loop on your adoption journey, but I know it's been a long wait. I'm excited to see what God will do in His timing.

Lauren Hesterman said...

How true it is... the joy in witnessing the relationship of siblings blossom, for us, has been constant reinforcement in choosing to procreate more than once! Your boys are a-dorable.

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