Little Boys

Friday, April 12, 2013

The world of little boys is new to me and it is fascinating

For example, when Landon greets his friends it often goes something like this:

Landon: "Hi Booger-Bum-Chicken-Pants."

Followed by uncontrollable laughter from both of them.

His friend will respond accordingly.

Friend: "Hi Silly-Skunky-Chipmunk-Poo."

The laughter will peal.

Then they will run off to wrestle each other and Ninja fight to the death. 

Overall there will be very little use of words during the playdate, but there will much laughter, grunting, roaring, and zooming. 

At least one toy will be destroyed, a few plants trampled, and more than one reminder from Mama that potty-talk is not appropriate. 

They will depart with the occasional hug, a last-minute superhero battle, and more ridiculous name-calling.

Thirty minutes after Friend leaves Landon will begin his confessions:

Landon: "Mama, we used potty talk when we were playing. And then, when we were outside, we mooned each other. And it was my idea. Sorry."


Amy said...

Oh this just made me laugh. And so I had to share it with my hubby, and he laughed too. Thanks for sharing!

Hena Tayeb said...

haha.. now i know what to expect in a few years.

Jessica G. said...

We haven't gotten to the potty talk yet. Sounds like it will keep life interesting. And that picture of Landon is really cute.

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