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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My friend Michelle recently sent a group of us stay-at-home moms the following article:

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I thought it was pretty funny; and totally accurate.

It got me thinking about my days at home with the boys. So often when RJ asks me about our day I feel as though I have nothing to report. But if I really analyze every little thing I do in 24 hours it's no wonder I'm ready for bed at 6pm. It might not be rocket science but the role of SAHM sure doesn't leave much time for resting on one's laurels:

My Monday:

- feed the baby. multiple times (8-10). twenty minutes per session. beginning at 3am.

- get oneself dressed (2x or possibly 3x depending on amount of spit-up, pee, food, etc. that spills on each outfit)

- brew coffee

- make 3 cook-to-order breakfasts

- read 4 verses of scripture with at least 3 interuptions. brain refuses to retain anything read.

- wipe a couple dirty bums

- remind L that mom does not consider Spongebob Squarepants and acceptable program and help him choose something else

- play cars

- play superhero action figures

- paint a T-Rex

- study abstract works of art and then hang favorite pieces on the refrigerator

- do two loads of laundry

- get two little people dressed (2-3x)

- repack the diaper bag 

- pack the car with extra snacks, baby carriers, sunscreen and anything else one might need for the park

- find lost flip-flops

- comfort a hysterical/crying/whining child (5x+)

- spend an hour at the park with 15 pounds strapped on your front

- talk to a friend; enjoy adult conversation about kids

- hit up Trader Joes

- wonder why the baby is screaming. humbly accept help from the stranger the kindly explains that you've squished baby's leg in the carrier at a funny angle (which you can't see from your vantage point)

- teach L about strangers. again.

- pick-up groceries

- look for Sammy the Seal hidden in Trader Joes

- make lunch

- teach table manners

- tuck two boys down for naps

- enjoy 20 minutes alone with lunch and a good book

- prep dinner

- unload/load dishwasher

- clean up clutter from all over the house

- fold laundry

- wipe down kitchen counters and sink

- wipe down bathroom vanity and mirror

- sweep and mop dining room and living room

- make homemade salad dressing with "help" from the preschooler

- discuss knife safety with said preschooler

- pick veggies from the garden with L and make brushetta

- make dinner for 4 adults and 2 kids (company is coming!)

- greet friends

- crack a beer

- hold baby while eating dinner

- grill peaches for dessert

- watch all your hard work disappear as sticky hands smear ice cream over table and counters, food drops all over floor, clutter accumulates everywhere

- interven and break-up preschool arguments

- discuss why we don't slam doors after someone nearly loses a finger

- say good-bye to friends

- put everyone in comfortable pjs; including oneself! 

- start and bedtime routine. pray it goes smoothly.

- once everyone is finally asleep sink into couch. 

- take a moment to enjoy the silence

- check facebook, instagram, living social, etc.
 (save pinterest for middle of the night feeding)


- brush teeth, wash face

- tip-toe around, adjust covers, gaze into sleeping faces, fall in LOVE all over again

- count one's many, many blessings


Jessica G. said...

I think you are WAY more productive than me! If I get one room clean in a day, I think I am doing good. So funny how our lives have changed, right?

Jess Roy said...

I'm exhausted just reading that. :) You, my dear, as a rockstar.

Edwards Family said...

Love. You said it even better than the article!

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