Weekend Recap - El Capitan

Monday, July 30, 2012

Before adventuring big with the new trailer we wanted to give it a test run. Summertime beach camping in Southern California is ridiculous: you have to make reservations months and months in advance, the crowds are huge, and the camp sites costly ($45 a night!). But, after this weekend, I can totally see why it's worth all the inconvenience. 

We headed north late Saturday morning hoping that we might be able to snag a spot due to cancelations. After striking out at Refugio State Beach we got lucky at El Capitan and got a space. I'm not sure if it was the 75 degree weather, the new digs, or the 3 on 2 adult to child ratio (we brought our friend Matt with us) but the weekend was epic. 

My absolute highlight was swimming in the ocean. The water was reasonably warm (no wetsuit necessary!) and absolutely crystal clear. Better yet, the baby loved the sounds of the crashing waves and took some awesome naps allowing us to swim, boogie board, body surf, layout and I even grabbed an awesome barefoot beach run. The trailer was perfect for our little crew and while Parker still woke a few times at night it was relatively easy to tend to him.

Mow that we know camping with an infant can be a success we are taking the plunge and hitting the road. 

RJ still has 6 weeks paternity leave/vacation; so in ten days we we're piling the kids in their car seats, giving our friends the keys to our house and setting off. We might be gone 4 days - we might be gone 4 weeks. Our destination: everywhere from Yellowstone to Colorado to Bend, Oregon. We're just going to take it day-by-day and see where the road leads us. 

(And yes, we do realize that we are quite possibly crazy)

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Jessica G. said...

Yea for a successful first camping trip! And what a fun adventure you guys are getting ready to go on!

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