Monday, July 2, 2012

Our sweet Parker is 7 weeks old and I am just beginning to feel that I'm emerging from the fog bank that is newborns. I forgot just how CRAZY it is adjusting to a new family member. It seems as though there is always someone yelling "MOM" these days. Not to mention the dramatic increase in laundry! How does one little baby add so many extra loads! 

We've had our ups and downs the last 7 weeks but overall things have gone well. Mostly thanks to the enormous amount of help I've had. Have I mentioned how much I love my husband, family, in-laws, sister and brothers, friends, neighbors, and church community??? Because I LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH. We have been showered with helping hands. Particularly the blessing of an 8 week long paternity leave so between RJ taking time off and our parents visiting I've only been on my own for one of those seven weeks.  

As we've gotten to know our littlest dude we've come to realize that Parker does everything BIG. He smiles big, cries big, sleeps big, doesn't sleep big - basically this kid does nothing half-ass. If he's going to cry you're going to hear it. But if he's feeling smily you just can't escape the absolute charm of those slobbery grins. 

For the first 6 weeks he did quite a bit of big (loud!) wailing, but since my starting a crazy elimination diet and him starting reflux medication it's as though we have a new baby in the house. The smiles are far outweighing the frowns these days - for both mom and baby.

Landon is adjusting well. Yesterday he nearly poked brothers eye out while "playing" with him but I'm just happy he likes the little tyke. Plus, I just keep telling myself that millions of baby boys have survived the insane antics of big brothers over the years. Right?!  

I'm adjusting too. Day-by-day; sometimes hour-by-hour; but overall I can say that we are a happy family of FOUR.


Jessica G. said...

The extra amount of laundry is insane, right?! I swear it doubles adding just one kid to the mix. So weird.

Rebecca said...

Aahh, What a blessing to have such great support around! Your little guys look soooo sweet.
When Cora was having reflux issue we found Bio Gaia infant probiotic drops and she was like a new baby in less than 24 hours. I can't say enough good things about them!

Linda Z said...

Such a sweet boy. Glad you are all adjusting! I think brothers will always be rough with each other... but they survive!! :)

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