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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Obviously I've been thinking quite a bit about life with two kids and the craziness of having a newborn around. I'm remembering how I barely felt like I had time for a shower when Landon was first born and now I'll have a brand new baby AND a preschooler so things will be a bit more challenging
Also, being 9 months pregnant my thoughts have been fairly shallow (and somewhat vain) centered around how much sleep I'm going to get and just how worn out I'm going to look. Deep. I know.

So I ask you: if you only have a few quick moments in the day to get dressed and ready do you:

A) do something cute with your hair and go bare faced for the day?


B) do a quick but nice make-up job and then stick your hair in a rather unattractive mom-ponytail?

Life altering question. I'm super curious what you all think about this as I've given it much more thought than i care to admit.

As for the photo: I feel a bit guilty about putting my sons tushy on the web but it makes me laugh and I just had to share.


Bethany said...

As a recent mother of a newborn and preschooler I have to say this made me laugh because it's a true dilemma. Most of the time I go for option B but actually just today was wondering if maybe A was a better route. Haha

Tracy said...

I tend to leave both out of the equation. Because, if I have time to do one of them, then I have time to do them both.

If I HAD to pick though, I would go with option B.

But don't worry, you'll be okay.

Jessica G. said...

I'm not quite sure what is going on, but that picture is funny!!!

Now on to your question...being a mom with short hair, I always go for doing the hair. I am not a big hat person and can't throw my hair into a ponytail, so doing the hair it is. Though I will say that I personally found the adjustment going from 1-2 kids much easier than the adjustment into motherhood. I have managed to shower every morning since having Isla...the same wasn't true when Connor was a baby. For me I think it has to do with already having a routine going with Connor, so it has more been just adding an extra person into the routine.

Tim and Debra said...

Oh tough one... I would definitely do my hair any day versus makeup. Although I will never skip mascara because of my blonde lashes . It takes two seconds to do mascara and is worth it for me.

Rebecca said...

How about a semi-cute pony, some mascara and lip gloss? I know it's not one of the options but I am a rebel.
Personally, I stopped showering daily way before I had kids. For me it makes my life easier because I don't feel stressed about not having a shower and dirty hair is faster to style. If I worked out daily that might be an issue but most of us don't get dirty enough to really NEED a daily shower. For several months after Cora was born, whenever I did shower it was by candle light. It made it a little more relaxing for me.

Rhiannon said...

I usually always go with option B--no makeup makes me just look even more tired then I already am.

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