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Sunday, December 4, 2011

I hate the fact that I have already forgotten so much of Landon's babyhood. When I think back on those first few months, just a few short years ago, so much of it is already a blur. Thankfully, there are those precious (and sometimes hilarious) moments that I know will stick with me forever: the moment they placed him on my chest in the hospital, my mom, dad and I taking shifts in the rocking chair that first night home (and how RJ got 9 solid hours of sleep that night!), the blow-out of all blow-outs in Cambria, and watching him take his first steps across the front lawn.

Thank goodness for photographs because for ever memory stored I feel as though there are too many lost. Until yesterday I forgot to tell RJ about the day Landon ate his last piece of Halloween candy. It must have been about three weeks ago (we didn't let him get all that much). The moment his little hand gripped that final solitary piece he snatched the handle of his pumpkin bucket and marched to the front door yelling behind him, "Get my Mickey ears Mom." Before I could stop him he was on the porch heading out for a refill!

And I really hope I don't forget the sweet moment we shared in a Target dressing room just a few short days ago. We were there trying to find a last minute outfit for me to wear for our family photographs the next day. I was feeling frumpy in that gross in-between part of pregnancy - when your belly definitely isn't flat but you can't quite distinguish if it's a baby bump or too much fried food. My regular clothes felt too snug but my maternity stuff was still a bit too big - and I was frustrated. Landon was behaving remarkably well for being stuck in a teeny, tiny dressing room. I threw some type of tunic thing over my head and posed in the mirror for a look. My sweet boy turned to me and out of the blue said, "You look beautiful, Mama." The tunic didn't really fit and the color was all wrong, but in that moment I could have been wearing a paper bag and I would have felt like the most gorgeous woman on the planet.

I eventually found something to wear for our amazing family photos
Hervey Photo rocked it once again!

My beautiful boy: inside & out


Jess Roy said...

Such a gorgeous photo! Can't wait to see the rest :) I love your posts about being a mother, I really do. Give your boy a big hug from me! Also - we're on FaceTime all the lets chat soon!

Jessica G. said...

Such a sweet story. And I love that picture of you two. I am thankful that I wrote monthly blog posts when Connor was a baby so I can remind myself of all those times! One of these days I will get around to making him a baby book. They grow up so fast!

Linda Z said...

Oh my goodness... this photo of you and Landon is gorgeous. I love how it's in your home. And I love how your boy called you beautiful. :)

Anonymous said...

Anna! We'll be coming through this Christmas and hope there's a chance to see you and your men. We have a couple more since we last spoke. Great to see all is well. Let us know if this could work.
Isaac and Katie and kids

Anonymous said...

Great photo of you and Landon! And the one of just him charmed his Auntie ;)
Keep telling stories like the last piece of Halloween candy (haha!), I miss out on so much of him. Can't wait to meet the new little one.
-April Joy

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